Young Armenian Professionals Raise Funds for ‘With Our Soldiers’ Campaign

Young Armenian Professionals Raise Funds for ‘With Our Soldiers’ Campaign

GLENDALE—Since the launch of the Armenian Youth Federation’s With Our Soldiers campaign at the beginning of April, more than $50,000 has been generated through private fundraisers organized by friends and supporters of the initiative. This has been a significant contribution to the efforts of the AYF to deliver monetary assistance to the families of the fallen soldiers.

The first fundraising event was held by a group of young Armenian professionals immediately in the aftermath of the Four Day War. The fundraiser at the Glendale-based Royal Vanak Restaurant brought in more than $20,000 and helped start the process of sending funds to the affected families in Armenia and Artsakh.

“Together with a group of friends and colleagues, we felt it was important to do whatever we could to provide the necessary help to the families of the fallen soldiers,” said Artin Sookasian, a Glendale-based attorney who spearheaded the event. “This is the least that we can do for those who have sacrificed so much for us.”

At the end of May, a second private event was held at the home of Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Alina Parehjan. The hosts had gathered a number of their friends and family members for a day of music, social activities, and fundraising. More than $30,000 was collected through these efforts for the With Our Soldiers campaign.


“In these difficult times, all Armenians, both in the Homeland and the Diaspora, feel the urgency of supporting the defenders of our country and the families of those who have given their lives for Artsakh,” added Dr. Patrick Parehjan, co-founder of Parehjan & Vartzar Chiropractic, Inc. “It is imperative that we all show our unity in protecting our borders and caring for those who have been affected by Azeri aggression.”

The With Our Soldiers campaign task force and the AYF WR Central Executive express their gratitude to all of those who have supported our effort to bring assistance to the families of our heroes and urge the members of the community to join this important endeavor.

The AYF’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ campaign, originally launched in 2012 was restarted in the aftermath of the Four Day War with the aim of providing assistance to the families of the fallen soldiers. To learn more about the campaign or to make a donation today, you can

Founded in 1933, the Armenian Youth Federation is the largest and most influential Armenian-American youth organization in the world, working to advance the social, political, educational, and cultural awareness of the Armenian youth.

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