Scenes from the Protest Against Azeri Aggression

Scenes from the Protest Against Azeri Aggression

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Azerbaijan, led by a war mongering dictatorship, continues its campaign of terror against civilians. The capital city of Stepanakert was attacked for the first time since 1994. Among the reported fatalities are a woman and a child, and many more civilian structures including homes and schools continue to be targeted.

“Azerbaijan has increased its level of aggression, targeting civilians and recklessly endangering thousands of lives. We all feel the sentiment, although we were not born in the homeland, our homeland is born within us. While we cannot be on the front lines next to our brave soldiers, we will always be on the front lines in the diaspora politically and in our communities across the world. In the midst of a global pandemic, we cannot stand idly by when Azerbaijan continues its attack, —this time more intensely. As in our previous protest, we stress to everyone planning to attend to wear a face covering and to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and the rest of the peaceful participants,” Alique Cherchian, AYF-WUS Central Executive member, said.

Aliyev’s war crimes have the full support of the Republic of Turkey. Furthermore, international organizations and media refuse to acknowledge Azerbaijan as the clear aggressor. As a result, once again the Armenian nation is left with the responsibility of bringing light to these injustices.

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