Vrezh Vartani Sargsyan

Fallen Soldiers

Vrezh was from the village of Pokr Masrik, and was a close friend of Harutyun Abrahamyan, who was also stationed near Talish (Artsakh) in the days preceding the Four Day War. Born to Vardan and Sveta Sargsyans, Vrezh was one of family’s three sons. Two of them, Mayis and Vrezh, were serving together in the Armenian Armed Forces. Vrezh’s death was witnessed by his brother, who participated in the same battles and brought back to the village the bodies of his brother Vrezh and their mutual friend, Harutyun Abrahamyan. Vrezh Sargsyan was married, and his wife Nakhshun and 2-year old son, Vardan, live in Vrezh’s parental home.  The family was given $1,250 by the WOS campaign.

Video of Family

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