Vardan Suriki Tadevosyan

Fallen Soldiers

Vardan  lived in the village of Haykavan (Hadrut) and his family had also moved there from Armenia (Getap village, near Artik) after the first Artsakh War. Having left school upon the completion of the 8th grade, Vardan completed his compulsory military service (2008 – 2010), and beginning in 2011, began his career as a contract serviceman. Vardan was nicknamed the Black Arrow, a testament to his great skill as a sniper. He left behind his wife, Eliza Sargsyan, and two daughters, Flora (b. 2013) and Angelina (b. 2014). Vardan also died near Jebrail (Jrakan) on April 4th, having refused to retreat: he was hit by shrapnel after being detected by a drone. Vardan was subsequently interred in his native village of Getap (Artik, Armenia).  After Vardan’s death, his brother, Vahan, went to the frontlines in order to continue the work that was left unfinished by his brother.

Vardan Tadevosyan’s family was given $1,500 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Vardan

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