Suren Grishayi Melkumyan

Fallen Soldiers

Suren was married to his classmate and lifelong friend, Arevik, and together they had four sons: Grigor (b. 2002), Hayk (b. 2003), Harutyun (b. 2005), and Hrayr (b. 2012). Arevik, who is expecting her fifth child, lost her own father during the First Artsakh War, and will now raise her children without their father. Suren Melkumyan, the native of the village of Tumi, had graduated from the Vazgen Sargsyan military academy in Yerevan, and was a career officer in the Artsakh Armed Forces, He had about a year-and-a-half left until retirement from military service, but he was killed on April 4th, having been surrounded by Azeri forces and fighting them for five hours until the last bullet. Suren was known for his neatness, strictness, and devotion to service.

The family was given $2,000 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Suren

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