Sasun Fahradi Mkrtchyan

Fallen Soldiers

Sasun was a career office serving in one of the special units of Armenian Armed Forces. He had returned home to Yerevan on April 1st, but went back to the front lines immediately upon hearing about the Azeri attacks. The hero’s parents, Fahrad and Narine, retell the stories of the soldiers, who fought with their son and told them that they would not be alive if not for Sasun’s sacrifice on their behalf. Born into a family of Sasuntsis, Sasun Mkrtchyan loved the Army and stayed behind as a career office upon completion of his mandatory service.  He was an accomplished athlete, who practiced boxing since the age of 10. The fallen soldier was known for his love of children: he spent hours playing with his sister’s son and planned to have four kids himself. Sasun and his girlfriend, Gohar, were going to get engaged in April. Sasun Mkrtchyan was killed on the night of April 2nd while leading the fight to take back one of the lost positions near Talish.

Mkrtchyan’s family was given $1,000.

Video of Sasun’s Family

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