Sasha Vachagani Galstyan

Fallen Soldiers

Sasha and a few of his friends rushed to the front lines on the evening of April 2nd to help the fighters repelling the Azeri attacks on Jebrail (Jrakan), but were surrounded by the enemy and lost their lives in an unequal battle with the invaders. Sasha was a student at a medical college, and was studying to be a doctor, something he had dreamed about since middle school. His parents, mother Sophi and father Vachagan, had instilled patriotic feelings in both Sasha and his sister since early childhood, and the young man was guided by those sentiments as he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country during the Four Day War. Sasha was described by the family as an introverted person, who did not share his secrets and did not talk much about his military service.

Sasha’s family was given $1,000 by the WOS campaign. 

Video about Sasha

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