Sargis Armenaki Sahakyan

Fallen Soldiers

Sargis lived with his mother, Tamar Ghazaryan in a rental apartment in Charentsavan; his father, Armenak currently resides in Russia. Sargis’ family left for Russia when he was only four years old. After his parents’ divorce, Sargis and his mother returned back to Armenia, where the young man joined the Army. Sargis was very athletic and played soccer. He was an exemplary soldier who liked being in the military and was liked by his fellow servicemen. Sargis was killed on April 4th near Talish, leaving behind his mother and sister. The young man was a history buff. During our team’s visit, there was a history book next to Sargis’ pictures that his family had found that mentioned a certain Sargis Sahakyan who died in Artsakh 100 years ago, also fighting against the enemy. The family was given $1,000 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Sargis Sahakyan

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