Robert Alexandri Abajyan

Fallen Soldiers

(1996 – April 2, 2016)

Robert lived with parents, Alexander and Anna, and two sisters, Emma and Elen, in Yerevan. He was known among his friends as ‘the Blonde from the Monument [district].’


Robert Abajyan and the members of his unit fought against prevailing Azeri invaders for more than 5 hours. When he saw that the enemy could not be repelled, he got out of the trenches, pretending that he was surrendering, allowed the Azeris to approach him, and detonated a grenade killing himself and about ten of enemy soldiers. His last words to the commander of his unit were not to surrender the position he defended under any circumstances.


The 19-year old was awarded the title of Hero of Artsakh on May 8, 2016 (posthumously) for the bravery displayed during the Four Day War.


Robert’s friends sent the epaulet’s of an Azeri officer to the hero’s family, which found their place in front of the hero’s family’s door, where the visitors can step on them prior to entering the home of the Abajyans.

Robert Abajyan’s Funeral Video

Video About Robert and His Family

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