Nver Saroyi Simonyan

Fallen Soldiers

Nver died in the arms of his brother, Azat, who served in the same unit with him on the front lines. Born in the village of Taghaser, Nver was one of Saro and Susanna Simonyan’s six children. Nver’s father was a participant of the Artsakh Liberation movement, and his younger brothers intend to join the Army and continue the family tradition of serving their country. Nver Simonyan was killed after two days of heavy battles near Martakert: their position was first detected by a drone, and then the Azeris used mortar fire against them, killing Nver and a few of his friends. Nver managed to destroy two of the enemy’s tanks before he fell in battle. Last November, Nver got engaged to Zoya, a classmate from the same village, and they were planning to get married soon.

The family was given $1,000 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Nver

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