Misha Kamoyi Aghajanyan

Fallen Soldiers

(1996 – April 3, 2016)


Misha Aghajanyan was a long-expected child for his parents, Kamo and Javahir, who had him after 15 years of marriage. He was also the only child in the family, named after his paternal uncle, who died from the enemy bullet in Martakert in 1994 during the Artsakh Liberation Movement. The nephew’s fate replicated that of his freedom fighter uncle: 22 years later the younger Misha was also killed in battle, again in Martakert.


Misha was one of the members of a tank crew fighting the enemy. Their tank was destroyed when the Azeris took control of their position, and the bodies in the tank had fully burned. After the Armenian forces retook area, the ashes of the fallen soldiers, including those of Misha, were returned to the families.


Misha was the joy of the villagers: kind, respectful, and always ready to help everyone around. Misha’s parents are now left all alone in the Vardablur village of Aragatsotn province of Armenia. A classroom in the school that Misha attended will be named after him, and a scholarship will be established in his name, to be given to the best student graduating from Vardablur village school every year.


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