Maksim Vakifi Grigoryan

Fallen Soldiers

was both a lawyer and a military man. Having finished his compulsory two-year service in the Army (2006), Maksim graduated from the Narekatsi University in Stepanakert (2008) and then joined the Army as a contract serviceman (2008). Having earned a rank of lieutenant (2012), Grigoryan was promoted to be the legal aide of the commander of his unit, received numerous awards, and participated in the military clashes on the Artsakh-Azeri border in July/August 2014. When he received a call from his commanding officer to report to duty at the start of the Four Day War, Maksim was sick, in bed with fever, but rushed to the front lines to defend his land. He was killed on April 2nd in Jebrail (Jrakan), leaving behind is wife, Galina Budaghyan, and 2 daughters, Nane (b. 2012) and Lusia (b. 2015), who currently reside in the village of Tumi (Hadrut).

The family was given $1,500 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Maskim

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