Kyaram Kalashi Sloyan

Fallen Soldiers

Kyaram was born into a family of a Yezidi freedom fighter, Kyalash in the village of Artashavan (Aragatsotn province, Armenia), and was the youngest of the family’s four children. Kyaram was to return home from his compulsory two-year military service in July, but was among one of the first soldiers who faced the Azeri attacks on the north-eastern (Martakert) section of the Artsakh border on the night of April 2nd, fighting to defend the Armenian positions under the leadership of Captain Armenak Urfanian (see below). He disobeyed his commander’s order to retreat, and died fighting until the last bullet. Kyaram was beheaded by the barbaric Azeri fighters, and his family had to endure the ordeal of reburying their son after Kyaram’s head was returned to the Armenian side during an exchange of bodies in mid-April. Soon, one of the classrooms in the school that Kyaram attended will be named after the young soldier.

Sloyan’s family was given $1000.

Video of Kyaram’s Family

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