Karen Artaki Nersisyan

Fallen Soldiers

Karen was from Bzhni (near Charentsavan) was serving with his friends Artur Gevorgyan and Azat Simonyan near Jebrayil (Jrakan): he had been conscripted 8 months before his death.  The three friends died together on the night of April 2nd defending the Armenian positions near Lele Tape (Jrakan). Karen’s parents – simple working people who run a small grocery in Bzhni – did not have any news about their son for a week, and his father, Artak, went to Artsakh to see if he could find out anything. Soon, the family learned about Karen’s death. Karen was studying to become an architect. He had one younger brother, who will now be relieved from military service. Karen’s family was given $1,000 by the WOS campaign.

Video of information on Karen Nersisyan

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