Hrach Samveli Muradyan

Fallen Soldiers

Hrach behind his wife, Anna, and three children, Gohar (b. 2008), Armine (b. 2009) and Samvel (2013). Hrach was supposed to return home in mid-April in order to go through six month-long military preparedness courses, but was wounded by a tank fire on April 7th during battles near Talish while attempting to save the life of a wounded friend/serviceman. Two more soldiers came to help Hrach and his friend during the attack. Ultimately, three of the soldiers survived; Hrach Muradyan did not. Hrach’s family lived in a rental apartment in Yerevan, and his wife and children received a new house in the capital from the Yerevan City Council in the aftermath of the Four Day War.

Muradyan’s family was given $1750.

Video of Hrach’s Family

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