Harutyun Hovanessi Abrahamyan

Fallen Soldiers

(1985 – 2016)

Harutyun lived in the village of Areguni in Gegharkunik. His family moved there from Shamkhor (Azerbaijan), where Harutyun was born, in the early years of the Artsakh Liberation Movement. The village of Areguni is only 5 km from the border with Azerbaijan and was populated by Azeris during Soviet years.


Born in a military family, Harutyun Abrahamyan was always interested in weapons and guns. Harutyun was going to return home on vacation on April 2, 2016, but called and said that the situation on the border was unstable and he had to stay behind. The family found out about their son’s death the next day.


Following the footsteps of his father, Hovannes, who was a sniper during the Artsakh Liberation struggle, Harutyun also joined the military and pursued the same career. He was killed in military operations near Talish during the Four Day War.


Harutyun’s salary was the family main source of income: his wife and father do not work; his mother is disabled. Harutyun left behind three children. The oldest, the 8-year old Mkhitar, wants to continue the path taken by his father and grandfather and become a career officer defending his Homeland as a member of the Armenian Armed Forces.

The family was given $1,750 by the WOS campaign.


Family Members About Harutyun

Photos of Harutyun’s Funeral

An Interview with the parents of  Aghasi Asadryan mother, Karam Sloyan Father, Vrej Sargsyan Father, Haroutoun Abrahamyan’s father from the Show “Yerevanuh Xosuma”

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