Gor Karapeti Kirakosyan

Fallen Soldiers

Gor was one of two sons of Gayane and Karapet Kirakosyans from the city of Arevik in Armavir province. He was trained as a mechanic, and his main responsibility was to deliver food to the soldiers on the front lines. The region of Mataghis (Martakert), where Gor was serving, frequently came under Azeri fire, and the young man had once narrowly escaped a sniper’s shot. Gor last spoke to his mother on the morning of his death: he was in a hurry to take food to the soldiers. He was killed on the way back from the front lines. Gor’s father, who was working in Russia at the time, was told his son was wounded, but found out about Gor’s death at the Moscow airport, on his way back to Armenia. Gor Kirakosyan was described as daring, courageous, and secretive by friends and family. He had three months left until the end of his compulsory military service.

Gor’s family was given $1,000 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Gor

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