Azat Kajiki Simonyan

Fallen Soldiers

Azat was one of three children born into the family of Kaijk and Vehanush in the village of Kamaris (Kotayk), and was their only son. He was a very active kid, who was always looking for adventures and ways to express his creative side. Azat practiced kickboxing and studied to be a chef, but ultimately dreamed about becoming a famous actor. The young man’s family never knew that he was on the front lines: he was assigned to the computer room, but volunteered to defend the position at Lele Tape (Jrakan), which was ultimately lost to the Azeris. A number of Armenian soldiers, including Azat, lost their lives, trying to prevent the enemy advance in that direction. The soldiers who served with Azat remember that he would always sing the song “Mayrik” while standing on duty. Azat never saw his sister’s child, who was born recently; he had planned to visit his relatives in mid-April, but his life was tragically cut short on April 2nd. The family was given $1,000 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Azat Simonyan

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