Artur Garniki Gevorkyan

Fallen Soldiers

Artur was born in the family of a shoemaker, Garnik, and homemaker, Gyulnara in Abovyan. Garnik taught his son his trade, and the father and the son worked together in Russia. Artur was known for his musical talent and his skill as a painter. When Artur turned 18, he surprised his family by returning to Armenia in order to voluntarily join the Army, and he truly loved being in the military. He served along with other fallen soldiers, Karen Nersisyan and Azat Simonyan (also from Kotayk). Artur was named after his maternal uncle, who was killed in April 1994 during the Artsakh Liberation Struggle, also at the age of 18. The nephew tragically repeated his uncle’s fate in the Four Day War. Artur was described as kind, hardworking, and honest young man by his friends and neighbors. He was among one of the first martyrs of the war, dying on April 2nd in battles near Jebrail (Jrakan). Artur’s family was given $1,000 by the WOS campaign.

Video about Artur Gevorgyan

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