Aramayis Grigori Mikayelyan

Fallen Soldiers

Aramayis was the oldest of the two sons of Gevorg Mikayelyan and Lilit Avagyan from the village of Voskehat (near Echmiadzin). He went to school for sculpting, and some of his works (including unfinished pieces) were displayed next to his picture in the family’s home. On the day of his death (April 4th), Aramayis spoke on the phone with his brother, Arsen, and said that the situation on the border was difficult and that he was going to the front lines. The family repeatedly stated that due to health reasons, Aramayis was never supposed to go to be on the military positions at the line of contact, but that requirement was ignored by the military command. Aramyis Mikayelian died from enemy fire on April 4th near Jebrail (Jrakan).

Mikayelyan’s family was given $1,000.

Video about Aramayis

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