Andranik Marati Grigoryan

Fallen Soldiers

Andranik left behind his wife, Nina Aghajanyan, age 19, and two children, the 2-year old Gor and 9-month old Martik. Andranik was born in Ukraine, but his family repatriated to Armenia (1987) and settled in the village of Haykavan (Hadrut) in the aftermath of the Artsakh Liberation struggle (1995). Having joined the military in July of 2013, Andranik Grigoryan was a contract serviceman in one of the rifle brigades of the NKR Defense Army. Andranik died on April 2nd near Jebrail (Jrakan). His wife, two children, mother, mother-in-law and 80-year old grandfather all live together in the same house, which is in need of urgent repairs.

The family was given $1,500 by the WOS campaign.


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