Aleksan Gevorki Arakelyan

Fallen Soldiers

(1982 – April 2, 2016)

The native of Gyumri, Lieutenant Colonel Aleksan Arakelyan was born in a military family and was a graduate of the Vazgen Sarkissian Military Academy (class of 2004). In 2006, he got married and moved to Artsakh with his wife, Mary, the niece of the legendary Artsakh hero Tatul Krpeyan. There, he served for the next 10 years as a commander of a platoon before his heroic death during the Four Day War.


The father of two children (including the 8-year old Astghik) was hurrying to help the defenders on the 112th position near Jebrail on the morning of April 2, unaware that the position had been taken by the enemy and eight of its defenders were killed. He and the four accompanying servicemen were attacked by the Azeris while driving to the line of contact: none of them agreed to leave their commander, and all five died in battle. A total of 13 Armenian servicemen lost their lives defending this position.


Aleksan Arakelyan fought until the last bullet, urging those with him to retreat to safety and call reinforcements. His body, severely mutilated by the enemy, was later exchanged for 18 Azeri bodies.


Aleksan Arakelyan was awarded a Medal of Bravery (posthumously) for the courage displayed while defending the Homeland. A memorial is currently being erected in the Gyumri neighborhood where Lieutenant Colonel Arakelyan’s family lives.


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