Aghasi Sarmeni Asatryan

Fallen Soldiers

(1996 – April , 2016)


Aghasi’s parents, his father Sarmen and mother Narine do not know much about the circumstances of their son’s death. They know that he was serving in the Talish/Mataghis area and was killed during the first wave of Azeri incursions..


Aghasi has two sisters. He had left school after 8th grade to attend a college in Masis. The young man was interested in sports and participated in various kickboxing competitions, winning a few medals and awards. Aghasi is described as a good friend who was called upon by neighbors for various chores.


Video about the Family


Aghasi Asatryan’s Mother speaking about her son and


Aghasi Asatryan’s Father speaking about his son


Funeral Video 1  Funeral Video 2


Article about Aghasi


Excerpt from the Show “Yerevanuh Xosuma” about Aghasi Asatryan and Karam Sloyan

An Interview with the parents of  Aghasi Asadryan mother, Karam Sloyan Father, Vrej Sargsyan Father, Haroutoun Abarahamyan father  from the Show “Yerevanuh Xosuma” 

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