Medication and Supplies Shipped

Medication and Supplies Shipped

GLENDALE—About 1,200 lbs of medication along with various urgently needed supplies were packaged and shipped to Armenia through the efforts of the Armenian Youth Federation’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ campaign and the ARF Glendale ‘Aharonian’ Gomideh. The shipment is aimed at assisting the Armenian Defense Ministry and the Self-Defense Forces of Artsakh in dealing with the ongoing medical needs of the soldiers and veterans wounded on the line of contact.

The consignment was made possible through the generous donation of medication by the JE Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Inc. and its owner, Dro Biglari. Los Angeles-based Universal Service Exchange and Gagik Tahmazian facilitated the process of transporting the goods to Armenia.

‘We stand with our youth in their initiative to assist our soldiers in these difficult times,’ said Balabek Barsamyan, a representative of the ARF Glendale Gomideh, who coordinated the efforts to collect the donated goods. ‘We are grateful to those organization and individuals who are giving generously to our Armed Forces. It is imperative for all of us to show support for the brave men who are defending Artsakh and protecting our border.’

Members of the Armenian Youth Federation’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ campaign as well as Glendale AYF Juniors participated in preparing the items to be shipped to Armenia. The young people gathered at the Glendale Youth Center were enthusiastic about assisting the defenders of our Homeland who were wounded fulfilling a sacred duty of protecting Artsakh.

David Arakelyan, the chairman of the ‘With Our Soldiers’ task force noted that the efforts to assist the soldiers in need will be continuous, and that despite the fact that the campaign is primarily focused on providing financial assistance to the families of the fallen, it also places importance on helping the Armenian troops in every way possible.

‘Our soldiers should know that the entire Armenian nation stands with them,’ Arakelyan added. ‘The Armed Forces of Armenia and Artsakh are doing the most important work – protecting our Homeland. It is the duty of all of us who are not on the front lines to do our part in helping our servicemen and caring for the ones who risked their lives for Artsakh.’

The AYF’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ campaign, originally launched in 2012, was restarted in the aftermath of the Four-Day War with the aim of providing assistance to the families of the fallen soldiers. To learn more about the campaign or to make a donation to this initiative, you can visit

Founded in 1933, the Armenian Youth Federation is the largest and most influential Armenian American youth organization in the world, working to advance the social, political, educational and cultural awareness of Armenian youth. – See more at:

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