In light of the recent Azeri aggression against the people of Artsakh, the Armenian Youth Federation Western United States (AYF-WUS) announced two new initiatives through the With Our Soldiers (WOS) program.

The first initiative contributes to the Republic of Armenia’s Insurance Foundation for Servicemen, a life insurance fund operated by the Armenian government. This fund pools money from various individuals and groups from all over the Armenian nation and serves as a life insurance fund for the families of fallen soldiers. Although this assistance can never replace the life taken from these families, it will lessen the financial burden to help these families move forward. The WOS program had a similar program in place which provided much needed financial relief for all families of fallen soldiers who had passed beginning in the Four Day War in 2016 up until December of 2017. More information on the 2016 initiative can be found here


With the aim of providing support to the families of wounded and fallen soldiers, the AYF-WUS has teamed up with the Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund (AWHF) to raise funds to help supply military-grade first aid kits and resources for soldiers on the frontlines. AWHF is a non-profit organization that is focused on helping soldiers on the frontlines by supplying them with proper personal protective equipment, first aid kits, and defense support units. Funds raised through this initiative will provide enough equipment to an entire base of the Armenian Armed Forces. The aforementioned first aid kits are a crucial component in furthering the prevention of the loss of life caused by Azerbaijan’s ceasefire violations against Armenia and Artsakh, as they provide instant medical attention to servicemen on the front lines.


WoS current initiative is to aid our soldiers with items they have requested from us for the frontlines. We have trusted contacts on the ground that are conducting needs based assessments and instructing us where our funds can be used best. Our goal is to provide items that are more difficult to acquire for the common person and get them to our soldiers fast and efficiently. As this war continues on we will have constant connection with our contacts and we will be updating you with what our funds are going towards. This is where our donors come in, we need YOU to get our soldiers what they need! 


In the past, the Armenian Youth Federation has provided support to the families of the soldiers who were killed during and in the aftermath of the Four Day War and showed solidarity with those who are currently defending our Homeland. During this phase of the campaign in 2016, our main goal was to provide financial relief to the families of those who gave their lives to defend Artsakh. The With Our Soldiers initiative committed to sending a one-time, $1,000 payment to each family, with an additional $250 per each child of a soldier.


The AYF stands With Our Soldiers and calls upon our entire community to do the same. Our campaign has a history of transparency and accountability, and you may be confident that every dollar contributed to the initiative will be sent to the families in need. All of the campaign’s operational expenses are being funded through the AYF’s general fund and the organization’s chapters.


In this spirit of accountability, we will be periodically updating our supporters and followers about the progress of the campaign and our upcoming events and activities. If you would like to stay informed about these, visit our website and Like the campaign’s official Facebook page.